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Do Things Really Go Bump in the Night?

We've all heard stories of things that go bump in the night; the tales told to scare us as children, perpetuated urban myths and the unexplained phenomena of ghostly sightings, spectral hauntings and spirits that stay behind for reasons only they know. When you live or work in an area rich in history, like Virginia, Gettysburg, and even Hackettstown, with its ancestral cemeteries, old buildings and Victorian homes, the stories abound!

Most hearing the stories will wave their hand in feigned disbelief, and explain the phenomena away, but, have you ever felt a chill for no apparent reason? Heard footsteps when you knew no one was there? Seen an odd ball of light in a photograph? Aren't you just the least bit curious?

Mark your calendar for October 4, 2007 when David Roundtree, Director of Skylands Paranormal Investigations, a Hackettstown-based organization, was on hand at the October 4, 2007 meeting of the Hackettstown Historical Society to discuss the business of paranormal investigations and their work in the area.

"About ninety percent of what we encounter have rational explanations," says David. "The other ten percent is what keeps us going!"

About David Roundtree
David Roundtree was born in 1954 in Suffolk, Virginia, an area rich in historic and haunted landmarks. At the age of 17, he participated in the exploration of his first 'haunted house' in Boynton Beach, Florida.

David received his B.S.E.E. in 1973 in microwave technology while serving in the Air Force. In 1976, David received his certification as a paranormal investigator from the Rhine Research Center at Duke University and was certified as an audio engineer in 1978. In April, 2005, David and his wife Laura formed Skylands Paranormal Investigations, an organization dedicated to the scientific study and documentation of paranormal phenomena associated with 'hauntings'.

David is a member of the Rhine Research Center, Center for Paranormal Research, life member of the New Jersey Ghost Hunter's Society, member of the International Paranormal Investigators, National Paranormal Research Association, and the International Alliance of Paranormal Encounters.

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