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Take a Walk Through Time
What Goes into the 2008 Historic House Tour?
When you walk through old historic towns like Hackettstown, past the beautiful old homes, you can't help but wonder, 'what was it have been like to live there 100 years ago?' Behind the lace curtains and the stained glass, the wrap-around porches and the grand front doors ', you think, 'what does it looks like inside?' Are there fabulous fireplaces, beautiful wood floors, ornate woodwork and wonderful antiques? Who built the house, and who lives there now?

Go ahead.

Admit it.

You're more than curious.

Once again, Hackettstown will offer answers to some of those questions as it gets ready for the 2008 Historic House Tour, held in June. The hugely successful event will feature five of Hackettstown's grand Victorian homes, a tea at Centenary College and guided tours of the historic Olde Burial Ground.

So, what does it take to put a house tour together?

On Thursday, March 6, the Hackettstown Historical Society will present an insider's view into the Historic House Tour; selecting the house, the homes which have been featured, the interesting architecture, and a sneak peek into the homes that will be opened to the public this year. The program begins at 7:30 pm and all are invited to attend.

"The people are wonderful, the houses are fabulous, and it's a very exciting day," says Mary Litwhiler, of the Historic House Tour Committee. "It's an opportunity to go back in time without leaving our neighborhood!"

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HHS Program Schedule
The Hackettstown Historic Society program schedule is as follows:
Sept 6: Ice Houses of Waterloo
Oct 4: Ghost Stories
Nov 1: Preserving the Olde Burial Ground
Dec 6: It's Still Out There
Feb 7: Ancestral Families - The Osmuns
Mar 6: Hackettstown's Historic Homes
Apr 3: The Murder of Tillie Smith
May 1: Riding the Rails
The Hackettstown Historic Society meets on the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise posted. Meetings begin at 7:30pm and are held in the conference room at the Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, Hackettstown, New Jersey (at the right rear of the cafeteria).