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Picnic at Sully Grove
Picnic at Sully's Grove
Pictured above is a group of friends and neighbors at Sully's Grove in August 1899. Below are an identification chart and list of names as written on the back of the picture.

Back Row
Mr Trimmer
George Curtis
Mildred Guernsey
Mabel McCracken (Quimby)
Will Kluppelburg
Louisa Kluppelburg
Kate Apgar (Hazen)
E. Gertrude Buell (infant)
Catherine Martin
Carr Martin
Doshie Wade
Minnie Hulmes McCracken
Ida Mattison
Orrin Mattison
Gus Dellicker
Dr. Alden Martin
Reuel McCracken
Cort McCracken

First Row
Boy Guernsey
Carl Kempf
Leila Martin (Fletcher)
Vasta Klotz
Leah McCracken
Kate Klotz
Alpheus McCracken
Clara Dellicker
Norah Skinner Marks
Mary Wade (Salmon)
Mary Dellicker (Leslie)
Olga Martin (Davis)
Gussie Schenck
Simon Wade
Mrs Eva Sutphin
Mr. Wilburforce Sutphin
Alice Curtis
Ella Dill Everitt
Annie Clawson
DeWitt Everitt (infant)
Annie Teeter
Zilla Klotz
Emma Smith Taylor

Second Row
? Cook
Alice McCracken Guernsey
Albert Buell
Mary Correll Buell
Kate McCracken
Lydia Correll
Tom Howell
Louella Clawson Howell
Mrs. Alpheus McCracken
Gussie Sharp
Nell Cook
Ida Klotz (Iredell)
Mary McCracken Klotz
Hattie Apgar (Megill)
Ella Correll
Lena Tremblau Schenck

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